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[Oneshot] - Sexy Nerd

Title: Sexy Nerd

Pairing: KyuMin

Rating: Pg-13+

Summary: A make over turns Kyuhyun from a nerd to a sexy god.


A/N: So… this was made right after I saw Super Junior-M’s Super Girl and after talking to sungminnie012

Hope you enjoy! o(^^)o





“Hey Kyuhyun! Wait up!”


Kyuhyun, pushing up his thick black-rimmed glasses up his nose, turns to be greeted by a bouncy hyung.

“Donghae-hyung.” He says quietly, acknowledging the elder. Donghae smiles brightly and slings an arm around the taller male.


“How you’ve been? Haven’t talked to you in a while.” Donghae asks. Kyuhyun juggles the binder and 3 textbooks in his arms and smiles.


“I’m doing good. Busy studying and all.”

Donghae nods. “Still the studious student as always I see.” He teases, dodging Kyuhyun’s hand when the younger tries to ruffle his perfected hair.


“Still the vain prince I see.” Kyuhyun retorts back. Donghae pokes Kyuhyun’s side jokingly. The younger squirms away, dropping his books in the process.


Kyuhyun gives his hyung an annoyed look and bends to pick it up. Donghae, chuckling with amusement, helps. “Sorry Kyu,” he apologizes, handing the thick History of Mathematics book. “Man, this is heavy! And why heck would you take History of Mathematics?”


Kyuhyun rolls his eyes and grins, “Seriously, I sometimes wonder how you even got accepted here.” He chuckles when Donghae punches his arm playfully.


“Hey… I’m having my birthday party at the new dance club that opened a week ago. If you’re free this weekend, come and drop by! I would love it if you were able to come.” Donghae says happily. Kyuhyun raises an eyebrow. Dancing? Him? Club?


“Uh… maybe.” He says. His answer right then and there was a definite NO but he didn’t want to disappoint his senior of 6 years. Donghae shrugs and pats Kyuhyun’s back. “Try. It is my birthday after all, and I want you there.” Flashing his ever-famous smile, Donghae waves and walks off to a campus building to the left, leaving Kyuhyun standing with arms full of textbooks and his glasses slipping down his nose again.


“Dance club…?” Kyuhyun mutters, tilting his head to the side and frowning. Lost in thought, he doesn’t see the large pothole in the pavement. He flails and lands face first with books and papers flying everywhere.


- - -


“Hae! Wait up!” Eunhyuk shouts, waving and catching up to his friend by the entrance. Donghae’s face breaks into a happy grin. “Hyuk! What’re you doing out so early? Done your classes?”


Eunhyuk nods as his eyes drift over to the figure behind his friend. “Who’s that you were talking to?” Donghae holds back a giggle when he hears the faint hint of jealousy in his friend’s voice.


“That was Kyuhyun. I was-“

“Dork Kyu?” Eunhyuk voices, cutting his Donghae off. He puffs out a cheek and looks back over to the tall male. Donghae frowns and slaps Eunhyuk’s arm non-too lightly.


“Don’t call him that!” he hisses, “He’s a family friend, and I invited him to my party so be nice!”

Eunhyuk apologizes by wrapping a ‘friendly’ arm around Donghae’s waist and pulling the angered male closer.


“Sorry. I’ll be nicer… but it’s just that,” He turns around again and tsk’s as he rakes up the younger males attire. Pants that are hugging his legs in a very… unpleasant way, a button up shirt buttoned all the way, over-sized thick glasses that slide down his nose every second and hair that really needs to be tamed.


Donghae sighs as he and Eunhyuk open the building door before them. “I know, I know. But you can’t judge a person by how they dress. He’s a good kid! Funny, smart… and… attractive if you look at him in the right angle.”


Eunhyuk raises an eyebrow. “Says the vain fashionista.” Donghae frowns and shrugs.

“But there’s another reason why he’s called a dork you know.” Eunhyuk says. Just then, a loud ‘wham!’ catches their attention. They turn again to see Kyuhyun sprawled on the pavement, glasses askew and papers scattered everywhere.


Donghae just shakes his head as Eunhyuk tries to not chuckle with amusement.


- - -


Frowning and sighing for the 26th time that night, Kyuhyun finally finds a peaceful spot in the crowded and loud club. The bar. He swivels in his stool and looks around the dimly lit and alcohol smelling place. There were so many people, who Kyuhyun recognized and didn’t, that the entire place was filled and packed.


He himself would’ve stayed home, but no. Donghae had to come and pick him up, saying that it was along the way. And not having the heart to say no, Kyuhyun followed. Good thing he at least got Donghae a present: pair of new and fashionable headphones.


Pushing up his glasses, he turns back around and leans on his elbows, resting his chin on the palm of his hand. He’s tried escaping when Donghae wasn’t looking, but somehow, he ends up getting caught and dragged back in. Sighing, Kyuhyun orders a cup of water from the bartender.


“Hey~ look who it is! Dork Kyu!” A loud and alcohol intoxicated voice comes from behind him. The club’s bright and colorful lights were bouncing around the room, making it harder for Kyuhyun to see properly. But once he does, he grits his teeth and sets his jaw as he see JiHoo and his gang,


“Hello.” He says quietly and turning back around. He thanks the bartender, who gives him a sad look, and sips his glass of water. How he wishes to be back home.


“So,” JiHoo says, leaning over and putting a heavy arm around Kyuhyun’s shoulders. Kyuhyun scrunches his nose when the disgusting scent of heavy alcohol hits him. “Tell me the truth, how’d you get in? Bribed the guys? Blackmail them?”


“What ever do you mean?” Kyuhyun says, voice bored and tired.

JiHoo laughs out loud, hurting Kyuhyun’s sensitive ears. “Have you already had too many shots? I’m asking how you got in here. It’s invitation only.” JiHoo leans over and smirks as he taps Kyuhyun’s glasses and pulls on the neck of the shirt. “And there’s no way someone like you knows Donghae.”


Kyuhyun rolls his eyes and leaves the topic alone. It was true. He was aware of his appearance, but he didn’t care that much to go and change it. He was the nerdy bookworm while his friend, and senior, was funny and popular.


JiHoo, irritated and annoyed from the lack of response, tsks and pull back but not before pushing Kyuhyun forcefully backwards, making the younger male fall. Kyuhyun yelps as his back collides with the hard floor. He glares past his glasses as he sits up.


“Well, enjoy this while you can freak. I’m sure it’s the first and last party you’ll be going to.” He pushes back Kyuhyun’s glasses roughly and laughs as he and his friends walk away.


Swearing non-friendly words in his head, Kyuhyun adjusts his glasses. How happy he’d be if he could just land a hard and square punch in that bastards face.

“Isn’t JiHoo an ass?”


Startled, Kyuhyun turns to the speaker beside him. Large twinkling eyes greet him as he stares into them dumbly. A smooth complexion, a gentle smile and luscious lips. Kyuhyun gulps and refocuses his eyes elsewhere.


“He’s such a bastard, dunno why Hae even invited him.” The same musical voice says. “He probably invited himself. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Kyuhyun can’t help but to grin as he looks back to the smiling male. He nods and sips his cool water.


“Lee Sungmin.” The cute male says, flashing a blinding smile. Kyuhyun almost chokes on his water. Coughing, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment, he replies back, “Cho Kyuhyun.”


- - -


“Donghae,” Eunhyuk whines, tugging on his friends arm. “Let’s dance.” Donghae nods, but his attention was focused elsewhere. His eyes narrow as he sees JiHoo and his gang circle Kyuhyun by the bar. Growling softly, he sees them laugh and push Kyuhyun off his seat.


Nobody messes with his friends and gets away with it.


But before he moves, he sees another figure approach Kyuhyun from the shadows of the dance club. Donghae’s eyes brighten with relief. Sungmin-hyung! He watches with curious eyes as something Sungmin said made Kyuhyun grin. And even from the distance and lack of lighting, he could see the blush forming on Kyuhyun’s cheeks.


But he frowns, as his eyes can’t deny the fact that Kyuhyun wasn’t dressed for partying. Jeans that he probably wore 4 years ago, a faded batman shirt, messy hair and his trademark glasses. It annoyed him greatly, being a person who is all about clothes and fashion, but he tried hard to not show it around Kyuhyun. He knew that the younger didn’t and never would care about clothes and all those necessities. No matter how much yelling, arguing, shouting, begging and whining Donghae did.


He puffs out his cheeks as a small voice in the back of his head nags him to do something, even just for tonight, to fix up Kyuhyun and his, in honesty, hideous attire. He ponders for a while then grins as he fishes out his cell phone, ignoring Eunhyuk frustrated cries and whines of wanting to dance.


“Hello? Heechul hyung? You’re still on the road right? Can you do me a favor?”


- - -


Kyuhyun grins as Sungmin laughs. They were just discussing some random subjects, and surprised each other by having so many common interests. Kyuhyun found that Sungmin was attending the same university (why Kyuhyun has never seen him before was a mystery), being his and Donghae’s senior, majoring in Public Relations and Music Composition.


“So how do you know Donghae?” Sungmin asks, leaning against the bar while facing Kyuhyun. The younger male momentarily forgets how to talk as he blankly stares into those sparkling eyes. (Maybe it’s the lights?) He then suddenly feels all too aware that Sungmin and he were very different when it came to appearances. While he is the dork, Sungmin is dressed to kill: blue jeans hugging all the right places, a light pink shirt with a white jacket and the right accessories.


Blinking rapidly, Kyuhyun coughs. “Oh, uh, He’s a family friend. I’ve known him for a couple of years.” He looks over to the elder. “You?”


“He and I became friends during Hae’s first year here.” Sungmin explains. He then tilts his head to the side and peers closely at Kyuhyun’s face. Fidgeting nervously, Kyuhyun pushes his glasses up his nose. Then the words coming from Sungmin’s mouth will forever be in his mind, for it is the first time (aside from family of course) that anyone has complimented his physical appearance.


“You have beautiful eyes…” Sungmin murmurs, reaching with his hands for Kyuhyun’s glasses. But before the elder touches the thick glasses perched gently on Kyuhyun’s nose, hands grab the tall males arms and drag him hastily off the bar stool and to… somewhere.


Kyuhyun flails his arms to no avail. He sees Sungmin’s face contorted with annoyance and confusion as he disappears from Kyuhyun’s line of vision.


- - -

A/N: Continued in the second part~ which i will post soon :3

Sexy Nerd Part 2 )



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